For upcoming election nominations please see our Call for Nominations web page.

The Academic Specialist Advisory Committee (ASAC) consists of elected and appointed individuals from the Academic Specialist community with various combinations of teaching, research, outreach, advising, curriculum development, and related functional activities. ASAC provides advice to the Associate Provost/Associate Vice President for Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs on matters of common interest. The operating principles and election procedures for ASAC are defined in the ASAC bylaws, which can be found at the Academic Specialist website at

The ASAC election process generally consists of the call for nominations beginning in early February of each year, with nominations due by mid- to late- February. Ballots are e-mailed to all specialists for voting in early March and results are completed by the end of March. Newly elected and appointed committee members will receive information in April and be invited to attend ASAC's May meeting. Their first official ASAC meeting is at the start of the Fall Semester. 

As described in the ASAC bylaws, there are five functional areas: Advising, Curriculum Development, Outreach, Research, and Teaching.  Any academic specialist may be nominated for, elected to, and serve in an ASAC position for their functional area (primary functional areas are assigned by the Office of Academic Human Resources/Office of the Provost based on the academic specialist position description). Fixed Term Appointment academic specialists are eligible to run for these positions.

An individual may not serve more than 6 consecutive years on ASAC.